Who Am I?

about me

Hey there, I'm Jordan Lamoreaux, a self-taught full-stack web developer based in Austin, TX. I've been in the tech game for a while now, and I'm passionate about crafting awesome digital experiences.

My journey in web development has been quite the ride. I've worked on a variety of projects and learned a ton along the way. From making user interfaces pop with React to building solid backend systems with Node.js, I've had my hands in all sorts of exciting tech.

Currently, I'm part of the Conversational Help team at Atlassian, working on the cool "Assist" app for Slack and MS Teams. My focus is all about making things run smoothly on the backend.

When I'm not in the office, you can find me working on personal projects that keep me on my toes. From creating engaging games like Hexle to building a PS5 tracking system, I'm always up for a challenge.

But what really gets me going is creating experiences that users love. Thanks to my background in customer-facing roles, I've got a knack for empathy and usability. I'm all about making products that not only meet expectations but totally blow users away.

Beyond the tech stuff, I'm a lifelong learner. Whether it's diving into the latest frameworks or staying updated on best practices, I'm all in. This drive isn't just about me; it's about sharing knowledge and making our tech community better together.

In my career, I've had some cool moments, like being recognized as the top English/ASL interpreter for customer compliments in my previous role. Although my focus has shifted to engineering, that recognition shows I know how to connect with people and deliver top-notch service.

And when I'm not in the tech world, I'm all about my family. Quality time with my wife and kids is my top priority. Remote work helps me make sure we share meals and create lasting memories. As my kids grow, I can't wait to introduce them to my interests, like sports, movies, and coding, and inspire their own adventures.